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I was at home outside with my dog and he saw something and went to chase after it. When I switched hands with his leash, he bolted and I ended up tripping. I went to Mercy Hospital and x-rays showed I broke my long arm bone (humerus) where it attaches to the shoulder. The orthopedist did not want to do surgery at that time and felt it should heal on its own. The hospital care manager recommend I go to Brentwood Center for Health & Rehabilitation since there were no beds available at centers closer to my home.

The transition was smooth. I was nervous because I didn’t want to go to a nursing home but I learned after the fact that I was on their Passport Rehabilitation unit, separate from their long-term skilled nursing units. My stay has been pretty good. There isn’t a member of the nursing department that has been bad. All of the staff have gone through great orientation. Caring and compassionate. They all have some laughs and are thoughtful. The room was lovely. Paula from activities is a sweetheart. We have had more laughs and she helped with the boredom. I liked the jeopardy activity and frame making. I would recommend Brentwood Center for short term rehab. Three words to describe them would be caring, trusting, and very compassionate.

— E.G.

After a hospitalization following surgery, I was in need of short-term rehabilitation. My sister did research online and recommended Brentwood Center. I love it, I love it, I love it! This place is my home. I felt so comfortable here. The thing I like the most is when I walk down the hall everybody stops and says ‘Hi J’ or ‘good morning.’ I felt safe here and everybody was so kind. There was a CNA that emptied my trash after I told her that housekeeping would get it, she told me ‘I will take care of it, you are under my umbrella.’ Everybody in the nursing department was fantastic and so nice. Call bell time was great, I may have had one or two longer waits but they did apologize profusely. The therapy team was wonderful! Shawn, Jessica, Robbie, and I get along great! I thought the housekeeping group was very good. The activities team was fun: we played bingo. Yesterday was special; we had a spa day and we went outside. Whenever I or the staff was in need of maintenance, Joe responded promptly and was so nice and friendly. When he sees me outside he says ‘Hi J.’ How many maintenance men know the residents? Three words to describe Brentwood: Friendly, Caring, Helpful.

— J.W.

I was at home one day and passed out, broke my leg and was admitted to the hospital. I needed an operation on my leg and wasn’t able to go directly home afterwards because I couldn’t walk. In-patient short-term rehabilitation was then recommended. My daughter recommended I go to Brentwood Center because she knew the Director of Admissions, Kristen Laurendeau. I couldn’t walk the first day I got here. I had to learn to walk all over again. Now, writing this the day before I leave, I can walk on both legs with a walker! I have had wonderful care here. I can’t rave enough about the place. It is neat and clean. There aren’t any odors like one might think. Everybody has treated me so wonderfully.

When I ring the call bell, the response time is even good! My favorite thing to eat is ice cream and it pleased me to no end that they delivered it every night without me having to ask for it. Nursing staff – Wonderful. Nobody snapped at me, no one was rude, got me everything I needed and went above and beyond. Therapy – Nice. It was hard work. Therapist Shawn and Robbie are nice Housekeeping /Grounds – Neat and clean. No odors. They always asked to clean before coming in. I love my room. I love the view out the window and looking at the pretty flowers Activities – I love reading. They invited me to everything but I haven’t gone. Social Service – My discharge plan was talked about throughout my stay and they were honest and kept me informed. I would recommend Brentwood to anybody needing rehab. I have already spoken to my family and if I ever have to go back into a center Brentwood is my first and only choice.

— A.J.

I came to Brentwood Center after a stay with New England Rehabilitation Hospital following a stroke. I had heard about Brentwood Center from Tuttle Rd Church. Therapy was great! Shawn and Robbie did a good job and of course Amy did a great job as well. She educated me and my wife on swallowing techniques and barium swallows. Before coming to Brentwood Center, I couldn’t swallow more than 2 mouthfuls because there was a bubble in my throat and I stopped eating. I was 110 pounds. Now that I am being discharged tomorrow, I can swallow! And I weigh 121 pounds!” Two things that I will tell people in the community about Brentwood Center is that it is very comfortable and there are lots of activities.

— E.

I was at home I felt general weakness and chest pain. I was admitted to MidCoast Hospital in Brunswick for 16 days and was told I would need short-term rehabilitation. My daughter did a little research and told me to come to Brentwood for my rehabilitation, as Brentwood really has a great reputation. The staff is wonderful! Shawn and Rob from therapy were fantastic. Amy the speech therapist got me to write this well, we have a system now – thanks to her! I can see my speech and handwriting are improving daily. I feel so good that I can write things that someone can understand. Nursing bedside staff have treated me very well. They have been a tremendous help to me. The activities team came in everyday and encouraged me to participate in activities. Three statements to describe this place: -A great place for rehab -Staff is top notch -This place is so unbelievably different than other facilities: because of their incredible staff.

— E.M.

I made an appointment to have surgery on my right knee. When I was done I was hoping to go to a SNF in Brunswick, close to my home. Come to find out there was no availability. I heard about Brentwood Center for Health & Rehabilitation through one of the case managers at MidCoast Hospital. I was in the hospital for 3 days. When I came to Brentwood Center, my room was nice, and I had everything I wanted in it. The nursing team was very good. I enjoyed the people that took care of me. CNAs are really good. They listen. Rehab was excellent: I mean excellent. My husband was shocked that I was going up and down the stairs so quickly after being admitted. I couldn’t do that two weeks prior. The dining experience/kitchen is very good. Today’s meal was delicious. Janet in Social Service was very good. I was kept up to date on my discharge plan. Kristen in admissions made coming here a very easy transition. If something happened to me in the future and I had to come back to a SNF, I would definitely come back to Brentwood! Three words to describe Brentwood would be: Efficient, Comfortable, and Excellence. Thank you for your kind services.

— D.S.